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Danny Newhouse

Realty Consultant


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R.R. Daniel (Danny) Newhouse grew up in a Real Estate environment with his mom and dad being brokers and Realty Consultants for Newhouse Realty, LLC in the Phoenix metropolitan area.  His initial exemplary skills with computers gained him the title and job responsibilities of  V.P. of I.T., which he handled with great ease and professionalism. During his College years at Arizona State University he put together a team that would rehab homes that Newhouse Realty would sell or was selling, in addition to his I.T. responsibility. This experience gave him great insight into the value and quality of various properties in all types of condition.


Danny received his Real Estate license from the state of Arizona in December of 2013.  Danny has received numerous commendations for his skill in handling clients and helping them find just the right property, at the right price, whether it is a home purchase, a rental or vacant land.  Give Danny a call at his direct line above and experience for yourself the candor, skills and professionalism he can provide for you and your family.



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Office (602) 375-9000

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